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The Birth Of Driverless Cars

When you say that you can drive a car without any contact with the wheel, it sounds as if you are boasting of your driving skills.... Read More

Artificial Intelligence: The Modern Perspective

As humans, the impact of technology on us cannot be over emphasized.... Read More

The Key Protocols Of Video Streaming Technology

The world of video streaming is experiencing migration from the analogue to digital solutions. ... Read More

Snaptube – Downloading Videos To Your Mobile Made Easy

YouTube provides videos of music, movies, web series and every other entertainment videos. We often like to download the favourite videos directly on our mobile phones and personal computers. Many rare and old video songs are available only on YouTube and it is difficult to go online and play them. To make those videos to download directly in our mobile phones, Snaptube was launched. Snaptube helps us to download videos from YouTube in Mp4 formats. You can also convert them into Mp3 formats and then download using this application. You can download videos from other sites like Facebook and Instagram also using Snaptube application.

How to download and install Snaptube

  • You cannot find this application in Google play store due to Google’s policy for copyrights issues. Instead, you can go to its official website The steps to download this application to your mobile phones are as follows
  • Open any web browser of your choice and search for the above mentioned official website of Snaptube.
  • You can get the company’s website and if you scroll down the page, you will find “DOWNLOAD” option
  • After clicking the download button, a new window appears for thanking you and “RESTART DOWNLOAD’ option can be seen. If there is any problem and your download did not start, you can click on this button to restart your download.
  • Simultaneously a dialogue box appears to save the apk file on your computer.
  • Select the desired location to save the downloaded application. The file name usually is Click_me_to_install_Snaptube.apk
  • The download usually takes a few minutes and after downloading you need to install the application.
  • Click on the downloaded file and you will get another dialogue box to run the application.
  • After clicking RUN, the application gets installed in few minutes.

How to use Snaptube

Once the application is installed in your android phone, you can start using the application. You need to copy the link from the site you wish to download and paste it. The video can be saved in different formats and quality of your choice.

Advantages of using Snaptube

  • It is clean and safe to use on your smartphones.
  • You can manage downloading videos by choosing different formats.
  • Every video in the social sites can be downloaded easily with the respective links.
  • You can also download the application from other sites like Softonic, Aptoide, and Uptodown.
  • It saves your mobile data as you need not to go online every time you wish to see a video.

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The Birth Of Driverless Cars

When you say that you can drive a car without any contact with the wheel, it sounds as if you are boasting of your driving skills or you want us to look into imaginative fiction movies where cars are shown to possess the capacity of driving themselves.

The general belief is that cars cannot drive themselves and the thought of a self-driving car is rejected even before it is presented.

 Cars are expected to be driven and controlled by humans because it is assumed that driverless cars can only be entertained in works of art.

Of course, it looks absurd to believe that the automobile industry which has been confronted with several challenges of stagnancy could spring such amazing surprise.

Our perception of the industry might change due to the impact that advancement in technology has had on the industry.

The emergence of automated control of accelerating, braking and steering in cars with little or no coordination by the driver is an indication that driverless cars steer us in the face.

This automatic control already in use in some cars reminds us that driverless cars will get to our doorsteps soon.

From the look of things, self-driving cars will be available soon.

This is because giants in the automobile industry have showcased cars of different models that can drive themselves and that this will come to reality as from the next decade.

It is planned that once these self-driving cars are manufactured to meet up with the market, sales will commence immediately.

Other notable content organizations like google have shown strong desire to finance driving software to aid the emergence of the automated self-driving cars.

The facilitators of the self-driving cars believed accidents on our roads would be drastically reduced once we are driven by automated cars because humans, most times, are terrible drivers.

Also, traffic congestion can be controlled when cars are programmed to drive themselves.

Most of the accidents on our roads are as a result of human errors. This ranges from reckless driving to over confidence on the parts of the drivers.

Some drivers often look at themselves as road experts and therefore do away with road signs and symbols put in place for safe driving.

Driving errors that humans make while driving are costly most times but automated cars always avoid such errors.

Besides, people with severe health conditions are prone to making driving errors. Self-driving cars are better alternatives because they are immune from these medical challenges.

Apart from health issues, negligence on the part of our drivers constitute to the level of accidents on our roads.

You often see some of these drivers playing with their phones, picking up their calls or doing some nasty things while driving. Automated cars take best decisions on the road. 

Self-driving cars are powered by automated software that understands every traffic signal and symbol on the road.

Once we are being driven by our self-driving automated cars, we can attend to our calls, reply our text messages or do a few things on the web without any risk to our life.

No sooner had we realized that our safety now lies on how the programmed self-driving cars operate than we started feeling the rays of fear over our body!

How would the car react to circumstances beyond its programming? This, of course, raises the eyebrow.

It remains true that the automated software may not be equipped with enough information on every situation that the self-driving car will face on the road.

So decisions taken by the automated car may not be the best every time and this could lead to very severe consequences.

One impediment that has always been fingered is the possibility that the system could develop mechanic fault on  road even without the knowledge of the man occupying the driver’s seat.

Once this happens, the decisions of the automated car will be impaired. Indeed, this is very risky.

We wish these challenges could be defeated but as it is, self-driving cars are susceptible to several issues.

How to secure the automated software from intruding third parties will continue to occupy the minds of everyone. Once the system is hijacked, the purpose of automated cars is defeated.

Therefore, it is necessary that we consider the advantages of self-driving cars against the disadvantages so that the society can make the right choice.

 If the advantages outweigh the disadvantages, then the technology is long overdue for human use.

Artificial Intelligence: The Modern Perspective

As humans, the impact of technology on us cannot be over emphasized.

 Our everyday activity has been made possible by the advancement in technological discoveries. It is now obvious that without technology, we would have failed to achieve every set goal of our lives as humans.

Our life would have been a darkness of its own if it has embraced the illumination of technology.

The society which is now dynamic in outlook would have remained stagnant if not for the touch of technology on it and backwardness would have spread its tentacles on us.

With the help of technology, we have literally reduced the size of the world to a village where information of new discoveries in the areas of health, education and advancement in technology are easily shared among human.

Every facet of our life has been positively changed by technology.

Also, happenings in the areas of business, aviation, ammunition and banking, just to mention a few, are easily shared because advancement in technology has made it so.

The free accessibility of information using the internet has been a huge benefit to humanity.

Technology holds the key to the future. We now have in our grip the antidote to the problem of backward thinking which has blinded our sense of reasoning in recent times.

Our horizon of knowledge has been widened and now our world can see the change it cherished.

Come to think about it, the speed at which information are shared using diverse forms of technological advancement left us with amazement.

 Most times, we often resort to the level of backwardness we would have found ourselves if we had never embraced technology.

Now, it is very glaring that humans have used technology to better their lives in every area.

Our places of work have in no small measure benefited from the several channels of opportunities offered by technology, especially the internet which has opened a new chapter in our business life.

With the internet, technology has destroyed the tick veil which served as barrier to free flow of information among humans.

Without information, our developmental achievement will be a mere dream. The internet has paved way for free flow of useful information that can ignite development.

Through the internet, access to information is sure.

Once we are connected to the internet, we begin to surf the web for any information that we want. This was never the case before the advent of the internet. The web base of knowledge is under our domain and we have technology to thank for it.

We are convinced that in no time, artificial machines of intelligence trail is.

What we have seen with technology is enough to tell us that these machines will be more intelligent than us but we will control them to our satisfaction. Obviously, a very comfortable and fun filled life awaits us.

Of course, we have used technology to develop our environment immensely.

Technology has continuously shaped our attitude and our thought as humans. It has given us life-changing orientations that taught us how to turn our difficulties to opportunities, making us more of humans.

What has this ‘more of humans’ added to us? It has given us the courage to overcome our natural weakness especially in the area of our thought about reality.

As humans, we now know that technology is a knowledge fountain and we must continue to tap into it.

Our capacity to perform efficiently in our various tasks has been helped by technology.

Our margin of errors has been reduced drastically since we now are technologically inclined. Technology has made us smarter than we thought we could ever be.

The fast pace at which our younger ones appreciate the application of technology is our greatest amazement.

The way we have used technology to create entertainment and comfort for ourselves is a testament that we have built a new world for our generation, a world of possibilities!