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Snaptube – Downloading Videos To Your Mobile Made Easy

YouTube provides videos of music, movies, web series and every other entertainment videos. We often like to download the favourite videos directly on our mobile phones and personal computers. Many rare and old video songs are available only on YouTube and it is difficult to go online and play them. To make those videos to download directly in our mobile phones, Snaptube was launched. Snaptube helps us to download videos from YouTube in Mp4 formats. You can also convert them into Mp3 formats and then download using this application. You can download videos from other sites like Facebook and Instagram also using Snaptube application.

How to download and install Snaptube

  • You cannot find this application in Google play store due to Google’s policy for copyrights issues. Instead, you can go to its official website The steps to download this application to your mobile phones are as follows
  • Open any web browser of your choice and search for the above mentioned official website of Snaptube.
  • You can get the company’s website and if you scroll down the page, you will find “DOWNLOAD” option
  • After clicking the download button, a new window appears for thanking you and “RESTART DOWNLOAD’ option can be seen. If there is any problem and your download did not start, you can click on this button to restart your download.
  • Simultaneously a dialogue box appears to save the apk file on your computer.
  • Select the desired location to save the downloaded application. The file name usually is Click_me_to_install_Snaptube.apk
  • The download usually takes a few minutes and after downloading you need to install the application.
  • Click on the downloaded file and you will get another dialogue box to run the application.
  • After clicking RUN, the application gets installed in few minutes.

How to use Snaptube

Once the application is installed in your android phone, you can start using the application. You need to copy the link from the site you wish to download and paste it. The video can be saved in different formats and quality of your choice.

Advantages of using Snaptube

  • It is clean and safe to use on your smartphones.
  • You can manage downloading videos by choosing different formats.
  • Every video in the social sites can be downloaded easily with the respective links.
  • You can also download the application from other sites like Softonic, Aptoide, and Uptodown.
  • It saves your mobile data as you need not to go online every time you wish to see a video.

It is a great application to download videos and store it on your device. You can watch them and enjoy whenever you feel to see. You need not fear mobile data getting wasted. The only drawback with this application is it is available only in Android software. This cannot be installed in IOS mobile phones. Some countries also framed laws to block some third-party websites. Make sure you have access to Snaptube in your country and enjoy using it.